3D & 4D sonar with clear images:  3D is the ‘still ‘picture of the baby and 4d is the ‘real time’ movement of the baby in 3D image.

Photos & Videos of your little one: While the sonar is in progress I take photos and make short videos of your little one.

DVD to take home: After the sonar I go through the videos and photos, I edit some of the images and add them to your collection of photos on the DVD. The DVD can be enjoyed afterwards and shared with friends and family.

Stork teas: I come to the party! With my mobile sonar I am able to do the sonar in front of your family and friends and you receive a DVD with all the photos and videos of your little one.

Mobile services available: With the mobile sonar I can come to your office block and do a sonar for you where there are more than one pregnant lady present, or where circumstances are impossible for you to come to my rooms, e.g. medical difficulty, I am able to come to you to do the sonar, e.g. in the hospital/clinic.